Signs of cheating: The editor’s thoughts


  • Boris Naimushin
  • Stanislav Bogdanov



editor, scholarly journal, academic writing, plagiarism, research ethics, peer review


The paper addresses some ethical issues that prevent a number of research articles received by the English Studies at NBU editorial office of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures from passing initial editorial approval and from going on to the actual peer review stage. These problems include a large number of authors and false authorship, and plagiarism and self-plagiarism, including translation. These signs alert editors to possible ethical violations. The article will be useful for both young science editors and young researchers.


Василева & чанкова 2019: Vassileva, I, & Chankova,M. (2019). Attitudes towards plagiarism in academia. English Studies at NBU, 5(1), 135–163.

Янкова 2020: Yankova, D. (2020). On Translated Plagiarism in Academic Discourse. English Studies at NBU,6(2), 189–200.




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Naimushin, B., & Bogdanov, S. (2021). Signs of cheating: The editor’s thoughts. Yearbook of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, 3, 179–184.