• Dmitry Yermolovich Independent Researcher



Fan Parker, translation studies, literary translation, Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, children’s literature, Russian translation, Demurova, Shcherbakov


This paper is a critique of the book “Lewis Carroll in Russia: Translations of Alice in Wonderland 1879–1989†by Fan Parker, Ph.D., which reviews eleven Russian versions of the children’s classic. Detailed analysis of Dr. Parker’s book has led the author to conclude that most of its principal arguments and findings are unsubstantiated, mistaken, biased or inexpert, and that it cannot possibly be seen as a source of authority in literary translation studies.

Author Biography

Dmitry Yermolovich, Independent Researcher

Professor Dmitry Yermolovich, Dr. of Advanced Studies (Doktor Nauk, MSLU), is a Russian linguist, translatologist, lexicographer, conference interpreter and literary translator from English and French. He is Editor-in-Chief of Auditoria Publishers (Moscow) and has taught translation for many years at Moscow State Linguistic University. He is the author of more than 120 academic papers and books on translation theory, teaching of translation, onomastics, lexicography, and other areas of language studies. His works include the Comprehensive Russian-English Dictionary, the U.S.-published Russian Practical Dictionary, and the university textbook Russian-English Translation that has come into nationwide use in Russia. Among his literary translations are major works by Lewis Carroll (which he also annotated and illustrated), William Gilbert and Charles Robert-Dumas.




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Yermolovich, D. (2018). Anti-Parker. English Studies at NBU, 4(2), 145–169.