Simultaneous TG/DTG-DSC analysis – application in ceramic artefacts


  • Katerina Mihaylova
  • Bilyana Kostova
  • Irena Dimitrova



simultaneous TG/DTG-DSC analysis, archaeological chemistry, ceramic


The aim of this paper is to promote thermal analysis as a method for the study of archaeological ceramics. In order to achieve this goal, the nature of the thermal methods (thermal processes, types of thermal methods and their application) is described. Specific experimental measurements by simultaneous TG/DTG-DSC analysis of ceramic archaeological artifacts are also presented.


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Mihaylova, K., Kostova, B., & Dimitrova, I. (2022). Simultaneous TG/DTG-DSC analysis – application in ceramic artefacts. Annual of Natural Sciences Department, 7, 55–70.

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