Before being the title of our new journal, Digital age in semiotics and communication was a short definition of the research program of the South-east European Center for Semiotic Studies at the New Bulgarian University. Or rather, it was a project for such a research program, following the publication of some successful articles on new media, the big demand for such topics in our university courses, and the convergence of four PhD candidates in semiotics with topics on digital culture. Furthermore, we have organized two round tables with the same title, one in 2016 at the 3rd ICON conference in Kaunas and one in 2017 at the 13th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS), and finally we have dedicated an entire Early Fall School of Semiotics to it this past September. From the participants in these events come the papers of the first issue of the journal, as well as the consolidated impression that such a research perspective could canalize a lot of contributions that were frequent but outside a unified program – until now.

Author Biography

Kristian Bankov, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Kristian Bankov is a professor of semiotics at New Bulgarian University and Department Chair of the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies. He heads the organizing team of 12th World Congress of the International Semiotics Association. His interest in semiotics dates back to the early 90s when, as a student in Bologna he attended the courses of Prof. Ugo Volli and Prof. Umberto Eco. Bankov graduated in 1995 and has since taught semiotics at NBU. In 2000 he defended a doctoral thesis at Helsinki University under the guidance of Prof. Eero Tarasti. In March 2006 he was awarded the academic title "associate professor in semiotics" and in 2011 he became full professor of semiotics. Currently Professor Bankov is the Secretary General of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, elected at the 12th Congress of the Association held at NBU, Sofia in 2014.
The scientific interests of Prof. Bankov were initially in the field of continental philosophy of language, philosophy of Bergson and existential semiotics. He then focused his research on sociosemiotics and issues of identity. Since 2005 he has been exploring consumer culture, while recenty his interest has been directed to the new media and digital culture.




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Bankov, K. (2018). FROM TEXT TO INTERACTION (INTRO). Digital Age in Semiotics & Communication, 1, 7–15.