Verbal and musical choral actions in theatrical productions. Methodological and music staging aspects


  • Asen Avramov National Academy of Theatrical and Film Art „Krastyo Sarafov“


Theatre, Drama, Music, Speech choirs


The text is based on two realized theatre events. „Medea†by Euripidies (producer Desislava Shpatova, Plovdiv, 2020) and „Oedipus The Tiran – choruses) acting studio „Sound, Text, Melos†based on fragments from Sophocles’ tragedy (NBU, The Red House, Sofia, 2017). In the text, the author presents new approaches to the interpretation of traditional choruses in ancient Greek theater. He examines not only his own compositional techniques for creating choral episodes, but also various aspects of the preparatory rehearsal process, as well as describing some of the difficulties that theatre actors and students face in meeting such choral practices. He shares his preparatory and musicalstaging methods for the achievement of theatrical-musical unity and integrity in the choral episodes in the considered productions.


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