A comparison between traversiere and flute


  • Marina De Palma New Bulgarian University


Еmpfindsamer stil, Boehm system, Jacques Martin Hotteterre, messa di voce, traversiere – modern flute, philological praxis


This article intends to analyze the differences between the ancient and the current musical praxis, highlighting the technical difficulties of both traversiere and modern flute. The difficulty of an eclectic approach in performing this sonata, consists in knowing how to realise a historically informed performance while inserting one’s own interpretation without being out of style. A further difficulty in performing the sonata with both instruments, consists in the awareness of technical and constructive differences, exploiting the strengths and masking the weaknesses. The enrichment resulting after this writing, will lead the performers not to be afraid to get involved in philological mistakes of praxis and to make them discover a critical approach to the text, inviting for a deeper reading of the score.




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