About the Journal

The Leadership, Society, Strategic Visions series has been published since 2019 and is the successor to the proceedings papers from the annual scientific conferences of the Department “Administration and Management” for the period 2013-2018. Some of the topics were: "Business – The Positive Force in Society; "Sustainable Development and Managerial Practices: Bulgaria-Bavaria", "Human Capital - Methodology, Dimensions and Practices", "Leadership - Time for Change"; “Strategic visions: effective management for economic, organizational and social transformations "(innovation - institutions - business); Power, Governance and Social Development (Global, Regional and National Prospects) ".


The aims of the Journal are threefold:

  1. To contribute to developing sustainable links between education, research and business. We believe that these links are important prerequisites for an open and sustainable society;
  2. To contribute to developing creative, innovative and entrepreneurial economy based on knowledge and management of information, communication and digital technologies;
  3. To offer tools to diagnose the different challenges of the modern world.

 That’s why we consider of high value:

  • Offering conceptual schemes, parameters and theoretical-applied models on the various global risks - inequality and social cohesion, demographic crises, migration waves, employment.
  • Discussion on effective political, economic and governance models for integration into society - power mechanisms, integration, human capital, business environment, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
  • Justifying global, regional, national priorities and trends with economic, political, social, educational, cultural and environmental dimensions.
  • Implementing international co-operation and offering new business models in decision-making - with the participation of scholars, business and public professionals, students thus creating conditions for pluralism of opinions.

 The Journal provides a forum for scholarly research in administration and management, different aspects of business, public sphere and their impact on society. It gives the opportunity to discuss the following current issues: include strategic visions, оrganizational policies, leadership, authority mechanisms and social development, competitiveness and criteria for successful management practices, human capital management, application of multidisciplinary approaches to the different directions of business administration, public administration, knowledge management, risk management, marketing, etc.

 Each number in the LSSV Series has its own sub-title, which covers a specific area and should be taken into account by the authors.

To be included in the Series, a manuscript must make empirical and/or theoretical contributions to the field. Consequently, preference is given to submissions that test, extend, or build theoretical frameworks while empirically examining issues with high importance for theory and practice.

 The main thematic directions are:

  1. Leadership and strategic visions
  2. Effective management models and approaches (theoretical, practical or both)
  3. Economic, cultural, political and organizational parameters of the studied phenomena;
  4. Competitiveness, tourism, ecology - criteria for successful practices
  5. Master and Doctoral Forum.

 â€œLeadership, Society, Strategic Visions” Series includes manuscripts in Bulgarian, Russian and English language for promotion and consideration of a wider range of researchers. The International Editorial Board and the Review Board are composed of recognized scientists in various business and public administration fields from leading national and foreign universities.