Education in Localization: How language service providers benefit from educational partnerships


  • Carreen Schroeder Nimdzi Insights LLC



localization, language service industry, educational partnership


The purpose of the research was to examine whether or not partnerships between language services organizations and institutions of higher education have a positive impact on students, the educational institutions, partnering companies, and on the language services industry as a whole. We interviewed key educational institutions within the United States as well as a select few in Europe who closely partner with organizations within the language services sector to determine whether or not their partnering experiences had a positive effect on student enrolment, student participation, post-graduate success, and appropriate job placement within the language services industry. Likewise, we interviewed leaders in the language services industry to better understand whether or not they found the partnerships to be beneficial for their own organization, and for the industry as a whole. With regard to the key players we researched, all seemed to be in favor of partnerships, and all shared tangible reasons why these partnerships are a win for all involved. Although our research seems to indicate that – at least at present – there are only a limited number of these partnerships around the globe, there is a growing interest and desire for this number to grow in the years ahead.

Author Biography

Carreen Schroeder, Nimdzi Insights LLC

Carreen Schroeder has worked in the language industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience as a French immersion teacher, translator, localization specialist, editor, copywriter, and educational researcher. Carreen goes above and beyond to research and deliver engaging, polished, and informative content often with a unique and entertaining twist. Carreen’s passion for language truly borders on the obsessive. She is now contracted by Nimdzi Insights as the company’s Managing Editor.




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