Crimes against marriage and family before Criminal Code 1968

  • Lidia Peneva
Keywords: Crimes against mar¬riage; family; Penal Code; historical


Crimes against marriage and family are a particular group of social relation­ships that the law has defended properly in view of the high public significance and value they enjoy. At the moment they are regulated in Chapter VI, Section I, of the specific part of the Penal Code the Repub­lic of Bulgaria. The subject matter of this Statement will, however, be the legisla­tive provisions concerning these criminal­ized acts in retrospect. The purpose of the study is to show by historical method and through the comparatively legal method the development of these criminal groups during the periods of various criminal laws in Bulgaria. This will also provide a basis for reflection on possible de lege ferenda proposals. This report from a structural point of view will be divided into three distinct points, marking each of the penal laws in the Republic of Bulgaria, which were in force before 1968.

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Peneva, L. (2020). Crimes against marriage and family before Criminal Code 1968. Law Journal of New Bulgarian University, 15(1-3), 44-59.