The Coin (Awarded play, excerpt)


  • Boyan Kracholov



River Styx; coin; Ferryman; Writer; Admirer


A young man – The Writer – has passed on and has turned up on the shore of the river Styx, without having anything to pay with to The Ferryman. The Ferryman agrees to let him travel the dreams of those, who call for him, who miss him, so he could convince them to bring him a coin. Wandering between the dreams of The Prostitute (whom he paid with stories, as he had no money) and The Publisher (who is to publish The Writer’s first book) and helping his only friend (The Tramp) to pass on as well, stuck between this world and the one beyond, The Writer is forced to revise his whole life, his attitude towards money, love and his art, so he could meet his Admirer at the end. But is The Writer worthy of admiration at all? And what were his relationships – were they not based entirely on money, or was there anything else?




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Kracholov, B. (2020). The Coin (Awarded play, excerpt). Sledva : NBU Journal of Humanities and Arts, (41), 115–116.