The Future of Public Diplomacy in Bulgaria


  • Georgi Aleksandrov



Public Diplomacy; Propaganda; Constructivism; Mass Communications


In times of exponential technological and communicational progress, the topic of the future of political communication is gaining more and more strength. As a result of the creation of many new means for communication and the evolution of the democratic society, there was born a new instrument of political power – public diplomacy. Many scholars have already developed large scale works on the topic about the role, the meaning, and the future of public diplomacy on the world stage. Here we have at hand the question for the future of Public Diplomacy in Bulgaria. This scientific topic is interrelated with yet another phenomenon – the European Union and the participation of Bulgaria as a member in it. This article reviews the future role of public diplomacy as an instrument of the sovereign assisted by the soft power of the EU and the significance of a strong and unified European Union.




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Aleksandrov, G. (2020). The Future of Public Diplomacy in Bulgaria. Yearbook of Department Mass Communications, 1, 157–169.