„Radikal“ Newspaper Publishing Company


  • Todor Panayotov




„Radikal“ company; newspaper company; Radical-democratic (Radical) party; party newspapers and magazines; shareholders


The study examines the newspaper company „Radikal“, which is founded in 1914 and declares bankruptcy in 1939 in the wake of WWII and the major transitions in Bulgaria during that time. The company’s final end comes in 1953. There are no studies in the journalistic literature that examine „Radikal“ in detail, so this study aims to fill this gap by tracing and evaluating the company’s activities. The study uses a chronological approach and content analysis and is based on archival sources that have not been previously used in the scientific literature, as well as on newspaper sources and other references from the journalistic and historic literature. The study concludes that „Radikal“ presents a good example of a successful party-associated newspaper publishingcompany, which is why it left a significant mark on the newspaper industry in the history of the Bulgarian Kingdom.





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Panayotov, T. (2020). „Radikal“ Newspaper Publishing Company. Yearbook of Department Mass Communications, 1, 103–136. https://doi.org/10.33919/ydmc.19.1.7