Of city and crowd in 21 century


  • Dessislava Boshnakova




Sofia; Crowdsourcing; City; Cooperation; Communication; Management; Participation; citizens


Today, many ideas come from the crossing point of different fields. Starting as initiatives in the field of computing, today crowdsourcing can be find in all aspects of human life. In that article, I will focus on the opportunities to use crowdsourcing in the life of a city. This means that using new technologies cities can create initiatives in which to collaborate with its citizens for making the life of the city better. We know that the city is not only buildings and routes. The soul of the city comes from the crowd who lives in that city. Crowdsourcing is just a way to hear the voices of the  people and engage them in the future of their city.




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Boshnakova, D. (2020). Of city and crowd in 21 century. Yearbook of Department Mass Communications, 1, 52–66. https://doi.org/10.33919/ydmc.19.1.3