European Green Deal


  • Tchetin Kazak New Bulgarian University



European Green Deal, Roadmap, Circular Economy, Net Emissions, Just and Inclusive Transition, Blue Economy, Climate Neutrality, European Climate Law, Just Transition Fund, InvestEU, NextGenerationEU


This article aims to present the main objectives and characteristics of the European Green Deal, which is a kind of roadmap for achieving the sustainability of the EU economy by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities in all policy areas, through a just and inclusive transition for all. The implementation of this roadmap provides for actions to use resources efficiently by moving to a circular economy, reducing biodiversity loss and diminishing pollution. The roadmap also sets out the necessary investments and financial instruments and the need to ensure a just and inclusive transition. Transforming the economy of the European Union (EU) into a resource-efficient economy in which economic growth is not directly linked to the use of resources, based on the cessation of net emissions by 2050. The European Green Deal outlines a plan for this transformative change.




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