The new documents about Dimitar Nenov (1901-1953)

  • Polina Antonova
Keywords: Dimitar Nenov, Bulgarian composer, personal archive, piano, personal dairy


The text presents briefly the contents and reveals details of the original autobiographical document authored by the composer Dimitar Nenov. Тhis extensive work was discovered in the
personal archives of the musician Mirko Karavasilev (1904-1966, Shumen, fund 1068, op. 1) in the beginning of 2018. The content of the autobiography was completely unknown. This text focuses on the personal diary, will, and correspondence of Dimitar Nenov. This newly discovered autobiographical document helps demystify questions and misconceptions about the personal and creative evolution of Dimitar Nenov and cast a doubt on the myths, legends and misunderstandings of his persona conceived over the years.

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