When visual content met storytelling

  • Desislava Dankova
Keywords: visual communication; visual content; social media; Instagram; corporate communication; Airbnb; National Geographic


The current text introduces the idea of communicating through images. The tool is increasingly visible in companies' communication strategies. The prerequisites that lead to the development of this type of communication are discussed, focusing on one of the most used social media – Instagram. A parallel is drawn between the nature of the platform and the ability to find an intersection between visual content and storytelling. At the end of the text, two of the most successful examples from the corporate world are presented and their approach of engaging Instagram followers with the help of experiences in order to convert them into customers while demonstrating the company's philosophy and values.

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Dankova, D. (2020). When visual content met storytelling. Yearbook of Department Mass Communications, 1, 137-155. https://doi.org/10.33919/ydmc.19.1.8