21st Century Russian Cinema According to kinopoisk.ru

  • Petia Alexandrova
Keywords: russian cinema; kinopoisk.ru; movie industry


What has been achieved in the first two decades of 21st century in Russian cinema? How many films have been produced, what are the profits from them, how are they distributed? Who are the new stars? Which films are becoming the favorites of the audience and which are receiving worldwide recognition at festivals? We can develop some conclusions thanks to the research and statistics of Kinopoisk.ru (Russia's largest cinema database) and Yandex.ru. at the 2001-2016 period.

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Alexandrova, P. (2020). 21st Century Russian Cinema According to kinopoisk.ru. Yearbook of Department Mass Communications, 1, 67-76. https://doi.org/10.33919/ydmc.19.1.4